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West Virginia

“I cannot explain how thankful and proud I am to be attending Master's Baptist College. It is a place where I have grown closer to the Lord. The people here are so friendly and full of love for God. I have learned so much from the classes and am amazed at how much I can learn in a week. I am so grateful for what Master’s has taught me.”

Young Man with Glasses



I transferred from another Bible college after a year and a half studying Criminal Justice. God then called me to preach and led me to Master’s Baptist College.  I have seen God provide in so many ways in my short time here and cannot think of a better place to prepare for the ministry. The leadership of the college genuinely care about the students and desire to see us grow in the Lord. The church is fantastic and has a desire to reach the lost with the Word.  I am thankful that the Lord brought me here and I would recommend Master's to anyone burdened to serve the Lord.


North Dakota

“Master's Baptist College is a wonderful place for a child of God seeking to grow in Christ to receive much needed in-classroom training coupled with great practical training in ministering/serving through the local New Testament church.  I thank God for the vision and sacrifice of the members of Fargo Baptist Church.”

Young Man Smiling in the Office



I really love how Master's gets the students tied into the church through the assigned ministries and dorm parents. I love that we're required to read through the Bible every school year. I'd never done that before coming and it did something incredible for my walk with the Lord. The Lord has used Master's and the genuine and loving, humble, personable staff and discipleship-minded church members to sharpen and grow me in countless ways. Not to mention I've fallen in love with the FM area. It's exactly as advertised by Pastor Scheving in the original promo video :)

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