Verse Image 2021.png

Yearly Theme Verse

Every school year the staff of Master's Baptist College pick a theme verse for students to reflect on and staff to encourage students to strive towards. The theme verse for the 2020-21 school year is Joshua 3:5, with the key phrase being "the LORD will do wonders." 

For many the year 2020 could be characterized as surprising, unprecedented, crazy and perhaps even scary.  However, 2020 has not been surprising to God; nor has it been unprecedented, crazy or scary to Him.  We have a God who is The LORD!  Throughout history He has squarely been in control as He faithfully seeks to reconcile lost man to Himself.  

We are mindful that His ways are above our ways and we have learned to look for His wonderful works at all times.  As we anticipate the 2020/21 year at Master’s, we are confident that God is in control and that He is ready to work wonders in our lives and the lives of students He leads to Master’s.  This year students will be consistently encouraged to look for the wonders God will do in and around them as they sanctify themselves unto the LORD.

Pastor Wilson