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Students living on campus at Master's Baptist College get to enjoy a two-bedroom apartment that contains a dining room, fridge, oven, microwave, sink, and bathroom. The men and women's apartments are located in separate buildings, but there is a substantial amount of common area for students to get to spend time together.


Weekly Devotions

Every week the men and women on-campus have a separate weekly devotions time. This provides an opportunity for students to challenge and encourage one another while developing the skills to organize messages and Bible studies. Weekly devotions also provide an opportunity for church members from Fargo Baptist Church to give students insight on the importance of their studies and how to improve their walk with the Lord.

Student Leaders

While academics are important, there are some skills that cannot be learned in a classroom. One of these essential skills leadership. The ability to instruct and lead peers is a challenge that requires time to develop. Some of the students at Master's Baptist College are chosen to be Room and Floor Leaders. Students in these roles serve as a useful resource for students getting acquainted to college as well as conflict resolution. Room Leaders are responsible for apartments while Floor Leaders oversee the performance of the Room Leaders. 

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