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Justin Jorpeland

Class of 2018

The Apostle Paul said in Ephesians 5:16 that we are to be “redeeming the time, because the days are evil.” The big question is, “How do I learn to ‘redeem the time?’”

Pastor Justin Jorpeland of Marshalltown, IA, learned this lesson while attending Master’s Baptist College. A 2018 Pastoral Ministries graduate, Brother Jorpeland says that learning time management while at Master’s was crucial in preparing him for his current ministry as youth pastor of Fellowship Baptist Church in Marshalltown.

“The education I received at Master’s was definitely top tier,” said Bro. Jorpeland, “but the addition of being so busy all the time with school, church, and family showed me so much in the area of priorities. You had to make time for things to get done. When I went into full-time ministry shortly after graduating, the busyness and time constraints of the ministry weren’t draining on me, It was something I had already been trained to do.”

Of course, college wasn’t all busyness and work. “My favorite memory of Master’s,” said Bro. Jorpeland, “ is a toss up between getting saved and the lifelong friendships that were built with faculty and students.”

While Pastor Jorpeland was motivated in part to attend Master’s because of its low cost, he would also “highly recommend” Master’s because of its new Trades Program. “You will have the opportunity to come out with an occupation that would be able to support you in the ministry,” said Bro. Jorpeland. “After all, Paul was a tent maker and look what the Lord did through Him.”

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