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The Master’s Vision

“To prepare the sincere servant of God for a life of effective Christian service in and through the local New Testament church.”

Our goal?  To equip New Testament Baptist churches, here and abroad, with effective servants of God who will carry out the Great Commission; by providing an affordable, Christ-honoring and practical Bible education (II Ti 2:2).

How? We strive to fulfill this vision in two ways: By ensuring everything we do contributes to one or more of the following focus areas:

1) practical Bible-based instruction, 2) godly character, 3) love (for God, His church, and the lost), and 4) a dependency on God; and by acknowledging our own dependency on God for what we need; routinely praying as a staff for God’s wisdom, grace, and diligence in our approach to each student.

First focus area: Practical Bible-based Instruction

At Master’s we strive for excellence in Christian education.  Students are provided a balanced Christian education to equip them with a good working knowledge of the Bible’s 66 books, distinctive Baptist doctrines, and relevant past and present issues.  Those in ministry must learn to be discerning and to make decisions based on a Biblical worldview.  Academics alone, however, cannot thoroughly prepare servants of God with practical training needed for a lifetime of effective ministry.  The Master’s education plan, therefore, integrates formal academic instruction with hands-on learning. By leveraging over thirty years of ministry experience and condensing it into what students will need for a fruitful ministry, we “teach others also” and provide them opportunities to apply what they are learning in church and outreach ministries.

Our Academic programs include a:

  • One year Bible Certificate

  • Two year Associate in Biblical Studies and a two year Associate in Church Secretary

  • Four year Bachelor of Biblical Studies with majors in Pastoral Studies, Missions, and Church Ministries.

Our Academic divisions have been designed to facilitate our ability to realize our vision.  They include:

  • Division of Instruction

    • Department of Bible

    • Department of Theology

    • Department of General Education

  • Division of Outreach

    • Department of Pastoral Studies

    • Department of Missions

    • Department of Church Ministries

  • Division of Empowerment

    • Department of Spiritual Growth

    • Department of Practical Application

Second focus area: Godly Character

As Christian workers, we are not all we can be for God until we've been stretched spiritually, emotionally, and intellectually.  The Bible provides examples of men like Moses, Joshua, David, Peter, Paul, and others who had a period of concentrated practical training before successfully embarking upon their calling or vocation. Our sincere desire for every student is that he or she will graduate having the heart of a servant and the character to meet the challenges of a life of service.  Each student is challenged to discover his or her God-given abilities and to use them for a life of consecrated service to God. Our goal is to foster the student’s dedication, faith, and Christian integrity while preparing them to effectively impact the world for Christ. 

Godly character is encouraged at Master’s by ensuring students understand and meet various responsibilities in the areas of work, school, ministry and faithful attendance to required activities (church, class, chapel, etc…).  For many the combination of holding down a job, college classes, ministry responsibilities, and managing day-to-day responsibilities of adult life will stretch them beyond what they are accustomed.  We count it a privilege to watch – and help – as our students allow God to develop their character; understanding that truly effective servants of God are responsible.  (Lk 12:48b)

Our Division of Empowerment is designed to contribute to the spiritual growth (character) of our students by requiring students to read the Bible through each academic school year, participating in ministry, and serving others.

Third focus area: Love

The Master’s staff strives to instill or cultivate a genuine love and loyalty to the Lord Jesus Christ and to the local New Testament church.  Additionally, and in light of our responsibility to fulfill the Great Commission (Mt 28:18-21), we strive to cultivate a love for the lost.  

Our Division of Outreach has been developed to help emphasis the importance of souls and our mission to advance the kingdom of God.  It consists of a Department of Pastoral Studies, Department of Missions, and Department of Church Ministries.  Within each, practical instruction is provided with the goal always being others. 

Additionally, the staff at Master’s strives to model the kind of love we desire to see in the lives of our students.  We are committed to the Lord, His church, the fulfillment of the Great Commission and to providing a safe and loving environment for every student.

Fourth focus area: Dependency on God

Teaching one to depend on God is not as quantifiable as other things we seek to teach.  However, a God-centered local-church education inherently evokes a need for God’s help.  Students are reminded that Jesus said, “…I will build My church…”, and that as His servants He does the building--we are at best instruments of righteousness in the Master’s hands.  We are nothing without Him and everything we should be with Him! 

Prayer and praise for answered prayer is offered privately and publicly and is routinely encouraged as we engage the work of the Lord.

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