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The goal of Master’s is to help prepare the ‘next generation’ to live the Christian life in a messed up world. We try to teach our students how to use God’s principles from His Word to spiritually succeed in such a world. A lot of young people are graduating from high school and wondering about life and God and looking for answers on spiritual matters.  At Master’s we welcome those who are struggling but still sincerely wanting to know and do what’s right. It’s a place where you can grow and find answers in a supportive environment. 


In these ‘End Times’, we believe the next generation can make a difference in this troubled world we live in.  We need to see the world through ‘God’s eyes’ in order to be discerning and have a Biblical worldview.  Master’s tries to provide a practical Bible education (II Tim 2:2) so our graduates can learn Christlike character, a love for God, His church, and the lost.   


The Bible provides examples of men like Moses, Joshua, David, Peter, Paul, and others who had a period of practical training before successfully embarking upon their calling. Our sincere desire for every student is that he or she will graduate having the heart of a servant and the character to meet the challenges of a life of service.  Each student is challenged to discover his or her God-given abilities and to use them for a life lived for God and eternity.

The Master’s staff strives to instill a genuine love and loyalty to the Lord Jesus Christ and His Church.  Additionally, we strive to cultivate a love for the lost. The staff at Master’s strives to model the kind of love we desire to see in the lives of our students.  We are committed to the Lord, His church, the fulfillment of the Great Commission and to providing a safe and loving environment for every student.


Academic Programs:

  • One year Bible Certificate

  • Two year Associate in Biblical Studies and a two year Associate in Church Secretary

  • Four year Bachelor of Biblical Studies with majors in Pastoral Studies, Missions, and Church Ministries.

Academic Divisions:  

  • Division of Instruction

    • Department of Bible

    • Department of Theology

    • Department of General Education

  • Division of Outreach

    • Department of Pastoral Studies

    • Department of Missions

    • Department of Church Ministries

  • Division of Empowerment

    • Department of Spiritual Growth

    • Department of Practical Application

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