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College Cost

College can be an  expensive experience. It is impossible to put a value on knowledge, but the cost of that knowledge is something that can stick with a student for years. This debt can hinder someone from using the knowledge gained to go to the mission field or plant a church.

Chancellor Pastor Tony Scheving realized this and established Master's Baptist College to avoid this. Through years of  stewardship and sacrificial giving by the members at Fargo Baptist Church, the majority of the costs of the college are paid by the church. The desire is that the graduates of Master’s are equipped and ready for the ministry with zero college debt when they graduate. The class structure allows a student to work full or part-time while regularly attending classes which allows them to either pay off past debt or save for future ministry. 


If it were not for the giving by Fargo Baptist Church, the annual cost of tuition and housing would be a little more than $9,000. However, Fargo Baptist Church covers the majority of the cost so that students need to only pay $3,000 per year!

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