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Common Purpose: The purpose of Master’s Baptist College is ultimately to help carry out the Great Commission.  Accordingly, we seek only to invest in the sincere servant of God; those who seek admission must consider the need for personal discipline in their Christian walk with the Lord.  Following the Master’s plan of education requires dedication, a teachable spirit, a humble attitude, and a desire to serve.  These attributes are highly esteemed, expected, and an indication that we have a common purpose.

Right to refuse/dismiss: Enrollment at Master’s Baptist College is considered a privilege that may be forfeited at the discretion of the administration when, in the perspective of the college, the vision of the college and the vision of the student are not consistent/compatible.  All applicants and/or subsequent students agree in writing to abide by the college’s policies.  Spiritual, character and academic qualifications will be used to determine enrollment decisions. Doctrinal alignment/agreement, as defined by the doctrinal statement of Fargo Baptist Church, is a pre-requisite for enrollment. 


Requirements: Students must be at least 18 years of age to attend (or turning 18 in the near future).  Enrollment at Master’s is not limited by gender or national origin, but a biblical salvation testimony, to the extent it can be discerned by the college administration, is required for enrollment.


Must be a US citizen or I-9 holder. Masters Baptist College is not authorized under Federal Law to enroll nonimmigrant students.  We, therefore, are not authorized to issue Form I-20s.


Applicants must provide evidence of high school graduation or successfully passed a General Educational Development (GED) test.  Alternatively, college transcripts may be used.

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