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Why Choose Us?

  1. Master's Baptist College is completely owned and operated as a ministry of a local independent Baptist church (Ephesians 3:21).

  2. Master's Baptist College has evening classes allowing students to work a daytime job if they desire.

  3. Master's Baptist College has apartments, not regular dormitories. 3-4 students in one suite have two bedrooms, a private bathroom, kitchen, and dining area.

  4. All of that for just $3,000/year including both tuition and housing makes Master's the best "bang for your buck" among Baptist colleges.

  5. We focus on ministry, bringing in missionaries and pastors who are actually doing the work of the Lord, and are not distracted with liberal arts programs or organized sporting teams.

  6. Master's Students serve in local church ministries alongside faithful church members and get trained in various areas including Bus Ministry, Ladies Ministries, Ministry to local college campuses, Radio Station, Ushering, Church Sound System and Live Streaming, and more.

  7. Master's Students have the opportunity to use their gifts in a church setting, including the church choir and orchestra.

  8. Pastoral students serve an internship - at their home church if the pastor is willing - and all students are encouraged to prioritize using what they have learned to serve in their local churches, and for missions students to be sent from their local church.

  9. Our one-year certificate builds a solid doctrinal foundation for any High School student who would like to be more familiar with God's word, regardless of their future vocation.

  10. Students can attend Master's in the Evening while learning a trade at local colleges (normally with grants that make the cost extremely affordable), and come away with both a Bible college education and also skills in other trades like HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, Computer Programming, Dental Assisting, etc.

Why Visit During College Days?

  1. Take a guided tour of our campus.

  2. Enjoy free lodging in our dormitories during your stay.

  3. Attend a sample class experience from one of our professors.

  4. Preaching every evening (Our Speakers this year are Kevin Folger and Fred Weiss)

  5. Speak with our staff and ask us anything!

  6. While you're here (and on the way if you decide to drive) you can take a midwest vacation to attractions in the region - see the list below. You can stay a full week in our dormitory apartments for free if you would like!

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Let Us Know If You're Thinking About Coming!

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