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Being a Part of the Community

While what you learn and how you grow spiritually at college is important, it is the community built by the students and the staff that provide the atmosphere for these things to occur. It is the fellowship between classes and in the dorms that make for the memories that are remembered for years.

Schedule a visit now to experience a part of the community at Master's Baptist College.

Components of Student Life

There are so many aspects of the student life experience at Master's, the most basic of which is the dorms and the opportunities around campus to develop friendships with other students. In addition to every day interactions, the college also organizes monthly activities to give students a break from the monotony.

While Master's does not have a music program, there is not a shortage of opportunities for students to develop their musical skills. Students are asked to prepare specials for chapel services every Saturday. Many students also sing in the Fargo Baptist Church choir.

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