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Applying to Master's

Students in at least their junior or senior year of high school and are welcome to apply to Master's. Transfer and nontraditional students are also welcome to apply.

Master's evaluates students and makes admissions decisions based on a number of factors, as long as the requirements are met.  If you have any questions about the application process or about Master's, feel free to contact an Admissions Adviser and we will be happy to assist you.

There are two steps of the application process

  • About Me

  • Admissions File

Step 1. About Me (click here)

The first part of the application is general information about the applicant. This provides us with a little background and who is applying.  

Step 2. Admissions File (click here)

The second part of the application pertains to a student's academic background, recommendations, and indicates an applicant's agreement with the expectations at Master's Baptist College. There are five components of the Admissions File:

  • Academic Transcript or Diploma

  • Agreeing to Master's Baptist College Student Handbook

  • Pastor's Recommendation Form

  • Recent photo (optional)

We will send the applicant's Pastor a Recommendation form based on the email address provided by the applicant in Form 1.  If a pastor would prefer a physical form, it can be found here.

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