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Fargo Baptist Church started Dakota Baptist Bible Institute back in 1994 to originally train its own members for Christian service. In 2003 the institute was re-organized as Master’s Baptist College with the goal of offering training to members of like-minded churches.


By 2009 the Lord led in the construction of a Ministry Training Center with dormitory space to answer the need for young people from around the country to receive affordable training in a local church college.

In September 2011, the first students from outside the area took up residence in the then nearly completed building. The same year Masters expanded to a four-year curriculum offering one-year, two-year and four-year programs including majors in Pastoral Studies, Missions, Church Ministries and Church Secretarial courses of studies.

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In 2013 the Lord led in the construction of a separate women’s dormitory which opened in 2017 (debt free) making a total of 200 openings available for students.

Master’s Baptist College is a ministry of Fargo Baptist Church and is a ‘local church’ Bible College under the authority of a New Testament Church.

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