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The Bachelor of Biblical Studies in Pastoral Ministry

The Bachelor of Biblical Studies in Pastoral Ministry is for men who want to develop the skill set for serving as pastor in the local church. Students spend their first two years cultivating a foundation of the Bible as well as the skills to analyze the Bible. The final two years of the program involve studies of church administration, doctrinal issues, and the skills necessary to lead a local church.

There are two additional requirements of all students who graduate from the Pastoral Studies program. All students will complete a summer pastoral internship in order to help them develop an understanding of the responsibilities of a pastor. 

The second requirement is the completion of the Doctrinal Exam as well as an oral defense of their answers. This is to ensure that students have developed an answer and an understanding on a wide range of questions dealing with the Bible and the Baptist faith.

A sample of classes in this program includes:

  • Homiletics (I, II, and III)

  • Bible Exposition

  • Comparative Theology

  • Church Planting

  • Chaplaincy Programs

Fill out an application if this program of study interests you.

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