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A few reasons why we chose Master’s Baptist College for our children:

1)  Strong local church emphasis. Fargo Baptist Church is a vibrant New Testament Church. 
 2)  Affordability. Most Bible Colleges are $8,000 and higher per year. My kids don’t have to go into debt for a college education at Master’s.
 3)  Balanced approach to ministry. Master’s allows students to juggle ministry and personal lives at a balanced level.
 4)  Humble and approachable leadership. Pastor Scheving is a down to earth, humble, and Spirit-filed Pastor and I wanted my kids to be under that kind of a Pastor.
 5)  Variety of teachers and preachers. There are multiple teachers and preachers throughout the year.
 6)  Fargo is safe city with a tremendous job market
 7)  A solid Bible foundation with many classes to choose from.

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