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Encouragement Conference


JUNE 21-23

What is the Encouragement Conference?

Our Encouragement Conference is the perfect opportunity for you and your family to recharge and refresh in the company of like-minded co-laborers in the ministry. We also provide an opportunity for relaxing family outings, and the chance to build new friendships with other pastors.

How is the conference organized?

You are welcome to stay in our college apartments anytime during June. With Master's as your base camp, you can plan your summer getaway any way you wish, without the usual pressures of “summer vacation.”

What attractions are around Fargo?

Possibilities for family recreation and entertainment are almost limitless in our area. Below is a map of attractions within a day’s drive of Fargo, along with a list of websites for more information.

Attractions Map - Upper Midwest.jpg

How do you register for the conference?

To help us prepare for your arrival, please go to our Upcoming Events page to register and let us know when you plan on staying in Fargo. We hope that we can be a blessing to you and your ministry with this conference. 

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