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Master’s Baptist College is the perfect place to raise a family while getting a solid Christian education. Because the classes are offered in the evenings, I am able to work a full time job and still keep up with school. My wife and I both attended other Bible colleges prior to attending Master’s. The class schedule, combined with the $10,000+ cost of tuition, would have made it nearly impossible for us to maintain a balanced family life. We absolutely love serving at Fargo Baptist Church! We have never been somewhere with so much opportunity! We know that this will be the perfect spring-board into our future ministry, whatever that may be!



 Ministry opportunities here at Master’s not only help grow us as individuals but also as a couple. Being able to serve together definitely gives a spiritual precedence that we might not have had if we weren’t here. The teachers take time to help with problems and are understanding about family matters if an emergency comes up! They also care about how you do in class and ask questions to better understand how you learn. We love Master’s Baptist College because it’s a place where you can grow as a Christian, have a good family environment, and serve the Lord all in one place! It’s a great stepping stone to lead you on the path God has for you!



Being a married student at Master's Baptist College has been a dream come true and an answer to God's call. At one point before I was called here, I was envious of young people who could attend Bible college with little concern to the responsibilities a seasoned parent of 4 would have. But because of the flexibility we are given with nighttime hours and a few on the weekend, I was able to make that transition without so much as a hiccup. From what I would call a smooth transition is just another name for 'God provides!’

Married students make up a portion of the student body at Master's and bring with them a level of maturity that serves as a good example to our single students. Affordable housing is available in the Fargo/ Moorhead area, along with employment opportunities that allow the married student to attend classes and work a full time job during the day to provide for their family needs.

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