For students at Master's, the college experience depends on the spiritual condition of the heart. All church services are mandatory as the college is under a local church and the most important classroom is the church sanctuary. Every class period starts with prayer and student body devotions are held weekly.


Students are challenged and asked regularly about their Bible reading and prayer life. It is through required participation in one of our 46 church ministries and weekly soulwinning outreach that our students are being developed and trained in areas of evangelism and discipleship. Students are encouraged to seek out help from members of the Administration with the spiritual battles that they face.  The Christian life is taught, modeled, and mentored through the dedicated staff and faculty of both Fargo Baptist Church and Master's Baptist College on a daily basis. 


At Master's Baptist College, we understand that God has chosen the local church to be His instrument for reaching this world. Our students are taught not only to study for the ministry during the week, but also to be involved in the ministry during the weekend. Our students help in Sunday school classes, bus classes, our radio station, weekly outreach opportunities, and much more. Our goal is to develop Christian leaders who know the importance of and have a passions for, serving. Our church services and chapel services allow students not only to be challenged personally, but also to see a vibrant, growing, and caring church family that is dedicated to the ministry of reaching people for Jesus Christ. Members of Fargo Baptist Church go out of their way to pray for and encourage our students in every way.