Master’s Baptist College Fall 2020 Reentry Plan

Master’s Baptist College plans to receive students for in-class instruction in the 2020 Fall Semester!


Our prayerful decision is informed with an eye on local COVID19 trends, an understanding of state and federal public health guidance and a belief that our expansive facilities and ready staff can facilitate the health of our students.   


While we currently anticipate continued low COVID19 impact in our region, we are planning to continue practicing social distancing, stress and enforce increased hand-hygiene and sanitize classrooms and common areas daily or after each use.  Face coverings may be required at the discretion of the administration, and in targeted environments, as/if local conditions warrant it.


All classrooms will be organized and enrollment limited in such a way to ensure proper social distancing.  This includes, but is not limited to adding tables and assigned seating.  Taped floors may also be used at entrances to classrooms to discourage bottle-necks coming and going from class. 

Students should not expect delays in their ability to complete required classes according to their plan of study.  Tools, technology and processes will be in place to allow adversely affected students to complete required classes with no delay to their graduation timeline.  


Classrooms will be sanitized before and after each use.  Hand sanitizer will also be placed in each classroom to facilitate hand hygiene.


Teachers will oversee and enforce social distancing and hand hygiene in the classroom.

Dorm Life

Characteristic of most colleges is the high-density interaction between in-resident students. Master’s will minimize the normal interaction, and associated risks, by allocating space-per-student throughout the dormitories/suites.  We anticipate assigning one student per bedroom (or two per apartment) during the 2020-21 school year.


We will also designate quarantine rooms for students who exhibit symptoms of COVID 19.  Students in these rooms will be required to be tested for COVID19 and prior to resuming normal activities will provide a negative test result.  While in isolation, students will be able to continue classes via Zoom (or similar technology) and related processes to ensure they have everything they need to complete their classes.  This includes daily welfare checks by staff.   Any students testing positive will be quarantined for the CDC-recommended time and further actions will be coordinated with parents of students. 


Hand sanitizer will be placed in common areas to facilitate hand hygiene.


Floor leaders will work with staff to oversee social distancing, hand-hygiene and isolation needs and practices.



Chapel services will continue as in the past, but will include socially distanced seating.


Students should anticipate being able to satisfy Outreach ministries requirements beginning in the Fall semester.  However, these requirements may be waived or modified as Fargo Baptist Church manages health, legal, and reputation risks of the church resulting in suspension or modifications to Outreach ministries. 

Student Reception

Returning and new students should approach the Fall semester with confidence in the protocols in place at Master’s.  This assumes returning students and new students arrive healthy (COVID free).  If students are sick or have symptoms, they should stay home or delay their start until they are healthy.  This also assumes compliance with social distancing, hand-hygiene and cleaning routines, the training for which will be part of the Fall semester Orientation. 


For more information on the actions taken by Master's during this pandemic, please visit our COVID 19 page.