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Prospective Students

There are many reasons to attend Master's Baptist College. The small class size is a large draw to many students. The ability to work full-time while attending classes is also a huge advantage. So is the opportunity to learn a 'trade skill for life' during the day. Students at Master's also appreciate the way courses are organized where it is only one class at a time. The price of attending Master's is also hard to beat.

The real question to ask is what are you looking for in a college? There is a lot of information on the website that can hopefully answer that question for you, but if it does not one of our Admissions Advisors can definitely help if you want to contact them.

Your fellow students and the activities you have with them are going to be a large portion of your experience at college. It is important to find a college where you will have an enjoyable time while learning; the two do not need to be mutually exclusive. Master's has monthly events for students as well as plenty other opportunities to get involved.

The spiritual growth of students is one of the most important parts of a student's time at Master's. This is fostered by weekly devotions, a Bible reading schedule, and ministry assignments in addition to regular church attendance to give students a well rounded foundation.

The education that students receive at Master's is focused on being applicable. The entire process is focused on developing students to have an understanding of the Bible and eventually progressing to being able to analyze and apply the Bible. There are a number of different programs of studies to choose from, depending on how long you are thinking of attending Master's as well as what you want to study. The format of having only one class at a time allows for students to focus on that single topic without having to balance multiple classes at the same time. The schedule also allows students to have a full-time job while going to school without too much difficulty.

The Admissions page can inform you about the financial requirements to attend Master's and is where you go if you want to schedule a visit. This is also where to go when you are ready to apply or if you have any questions for an Admissions Advisor.

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