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Information for Pastors

Master's Baptist College is a Baptist Bible college under the authority of a local church. The college does not have any authority presiding over it in its decision making outside of Fargo Baptist Church. Master's is devoted to the development of the next generation of Christians through education, experience, and nurturing. The hope is that once students receive training at Master's they would return to their home church and help with the ministry work there as they discern the Lord's will for their life.

The education that students receive is important at Master's, if their understanding is only head knowledge then it is in vain. There are many methods that Master's uses to encourage the spiritual development of its students. Students will be involved in ministries to help them develop essential skills and better understand the different workings in the local church. Every year the college has a theme verse that the students and staff strive to apply to their personal testimony. In addition to Sunday and Wednesday services, all students are required to attend Saturday morning chapel and students living in the dorm have Monday night devotions which provides them with a great opportunity of discussing spiritual matters and preparing messages for their peers.

The education that students receive at Master's is instructed in such a way to be applicable to church ministries. The academic schedule at Master's allows for nationally recognized pastors and missionaries to teach at Master's, which is an opportunity most colleges cannot provide. Whether a student wants to receive a year certificate, a two year associates, or a four-year Bachelor's degree Master's has a program for students looking to develop a stronger biblical foundation.

One of the biggest benefits of Master's is that Fargo Baptist Church takes on most of the financial burden rather than the students. This makes it so students can receive a quality education and have a nice living arrangement without having to pay for their education for the next ten years. This lack of a financial burden will hopefully make them more useful to the ministry after college.

Students are given a number of opportunities to develop their leadership skills while at Master's. This is in the form of ministry responsibilities as well as serving as a room leader. One of the largest student groups on campus is the Master's Baptist College Choir where students develop the skills to sing but the focus is always on using and developing the gifts they have been given to glorify God.

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