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Information for Parents

You have spent countless hours and prayers raising your child to this point in their life. At Master's Baptist College we consider it a privilege and a large responsibility to have the development of your son or daughter entrusted to us. Our goal is to make sure you can make the decision to have your child come to Master's with complete peace of mind.

Finances are always a concern with dealing with college. Master's does all that it can to keep costs as low as possible and how they do that can be understood with the finances. Whether you want to have your child visit the college or apply, the Admissions page is the section for all of that.

It is important for parents to also understand the academic expectations of their children at college. The academic schedule that Master's is intense and it is important to understand that to ensure your child's success. However, with that intensity does come the benefit of working a full time job without too much difficulty. Understanding your child's options for their program of study can also help lead to fruitful planning.

The spiritual development of your child is of utmost importance to the Master's. Our goal is not to train only knowledgeable Christians but also to develop students that have a heart to serve God. Every year there is a Bible verse that the college focuses on for improving their walk. Students are also assigned to different ministries to become more well-rounded. Students also hear plenty of messages having weekly devotions and chapel services focused on the current state of the study body.

Master's provides a number of opportunities to develop long lasting memories through activities. Every month there is a college organized event. All students have the option of being a part of the Master's Baptist College Choir. Students have an essential role in dorm life serving as room leaders and floor leaders for the college.

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