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Pastor Scheving was entrusted with the vision of Master’s as the founding pastor of Fargo Baptist Church. God enabled him to cast the vision to a receptive, sacrificial church who labored long and hard to put in place the resources needed to train faithful men and women for a life of effective Christian service.  His vision, godly example and gracious leadership is inspiring and provides room for other gifted servants of God to answer the call of God on their lives and to realize their full potential.  Pastor Scheving has a Master of Divinity.




Frank Wilson answered the call to full time ministry in January, 2014 after 33 years in the Air Force and defense industry.  He earned an AAS in Personnel Administration and a BA in Business.  Pastor Wilson’s simultaneous years as a faithful member of a local NT church provided a wide range of ministry experiences, including many years teaching single adults.  He leads the day-to-day operations of Master’s in light of the vision for the college.  Seeing Pastor Wilson’s vocational and church life experiences blend to meet the precise needs of leadership within the college is a testimony of God’s sovereignty.

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Academic Dean

Bob Venem was instrumental in setting up the college at its inception.  He has served in various capacities within the college and has been invaluable in establishing a solid academic foundation.  He has a BS in Mass Communications and a Master of Divinity.  Bro Venem manages all academic policies and processes.  He serves on the Doctrinal Exam board and his undeniable grasp of the Bible is attributable to over 40 years of study.  Bro Venem is a teacher’s teacher and shines in the classroom.  Students at Master’s love his classes!

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Dean of Students

Jared Scheving is a 2008 alumnus of Master’s, graduating with a BA in Biblical Studies – Pastoral Ministry.  He energetically plans and leads scheduled and unscheduled student activities.  Bro Jared understands the heartbeat of the ministry, having been a key part of it for many years.  He divides his time between church and college as he also serves as the Church Administrator.  Bro. Jared’s obvious love for the students is demonstrated through selflessly giving of his time to ensure their needs are met.  His relatability with them also creates unique opportunities for him to minister to their needs.

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Administrative Assistant

Joshua Lindsey is a 2015 alumnus of Master’s and is a tremendous asset to the ministry; dividing his time between church and college.  Bro Lindsey was the valedictorian of his class and earned a BA in Biblical Studies - Missions.  This gifted young man of God impacts the college daily as he develops and manages the College Management Data System, maintains the college website, manages all IT/Network requirements and assists with many other organizational and administrative needs.  Bro Lindsey is also quite capable as an instructor.  He teaches several courses at Master’s and is a member of the Doctrinal Exam Board.  He is a blessing to all he comes in contact with as he joyfully serves the Lord with all of his heart and unique talents.

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Dean of Women

Heidi Nelson is a long-time faithful member of Fargo Baptist Church serving in music, children's Sunday school and other various ministries. She has an obvious love for the young women of Master's and is here to help, support and listen whenever needed.

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