A Word from the Chancellor

In 1986 I sold my electrical contracting business and my wife and I came to the Red River Valley to start the Fargo Baptist Church. We had raised about $1500/mo. support during approximately two months of accelerated deputation. We purchased a little brick house to serve as a church building and lived in the basement. We went to work knocking doors and held our first church service in January, 1987.  With a half-dozen people from the area in attendance, we collected a $12 offering! Since that day we have gone through four building programs, started a Bible college, and also gone “on the air” with a 100,000-watt FM Christian radio station that covers 42,000 square miles, reaching parts of three states and Canada.  We also mail out a quarterly newspaper called “Faith for Life” to 90,000 area households.  We minister far north of the ‘Bible Belt’ and in the backyard of mainline traditional denominations and use as many means as possible to reach our area with the Gospel.


Fargo Baptist Church is strong on the local church and our rich Baptist heritage. We believe that Christ is the Head of the church and started it during His earthly ministry. We are neither exclusively Arminian nor Calvinist in salvation but take a balanced position believing that the Holy Spirit must draw, convict and give understanding to the lost, while the sinner must “mean business” and be willing to make Christ Lord and Saviour. We strive to be very missions-minded , believing that the Lord gave the Great Commission to His local church (Matt 28:16-20), and that the local church is the sending agency with proper authority for church planting and missions work.


We hold to the use of the KJV Bible only, believing it to be the perfect Word of God in our English language. We also use the old hymnbook in our church services and view contemporary music as another attempt to “bring the world into the church” (Jer. 10:2).  The last thing this world needs is another imitation of itself. We strongly emphasize the family and wholesome youth. While we take a stand for truth, we try to avoid “grinding axes” with good Independent Baptist brethren. Unfortunately, many get sidetracked with this practice while the world dies lost. We understand that not everyone will be a carbon copy of us and doesn’t need to be for us to be amicable. Our goal is to do all we can to make a difference (Jude 22). Our Doctrinal Statement, reprinted in this Handbook, reveals further what we believe.


Our burden is the training of servants of Christ for the ministry (II Tim. 2:2). Those who minister must be given the tools needed to reach their spiritual potential to impact the world for Christ. They also need a faithful and vibrant walk with the Lord. Preparation is the key to dynamic Christian service for Christ! If you are burdened to do something great for God with your life, then I would encourage you to pray and ask the Lord whether He wants you to consider attending Master’s Baptist College. May the Lord bless you.