Master’s Baptist College is unique among Christian colleges



  Master’s is under the direct authority of a Scriptural local church.  This provides consistency in leadership and a distinctly personal touch in teaching, similar to the model found in the New Testament. 

  Master’s has unique hours of study.  One-week modular consecutive courses are held each weekday evening and Saturday mornings, enabling students to work regular day jobs.  

  Master’s is unique because it is extremely practical.  Any fluff that won’t actually be used in ministry is excluded.  Students get just what they’ll need to equip them to effectively serve the Lord. 

  Master's follows the New Testament model of training nationals (converts of the missionary) to pastor their own churches, rather than the missionary serving in the pastorate.  A unique "indigenous missions" program has been established to give potential/future missionaries and pastors "on-the-job training" in multiplying churches on the mission field.

  Master’s is unique because of its minimal cost (tuition-free!).  Single students are housed in beautiful dormitory apartments with private kitchens and bathroom facilities for only $900 per year.  Students are able to provide their own meals according to their own dietary needs.