Credit Courses and Auditing

Courses must be taken for credit to count toward completion of a degree. A student who takes a course for credit may either drop the course or switch to auditing by contacting the Academic Dean by email prior to the start of the second day of class (usually Tuesday at 6 p.m.). Failure to drop the course by the deadline will result in a failing grade for the course. Choir students will have until the first Saturday practice of each semester to drop or add (auditing choir is not permitted).


Students who audit courses may not switch to taking the course for credit at any time during the course. Additionally, no records are kept for students auditing courses.


Schedule of Classes


Each semester (fall and spring) is composed of one-week modular classes with breaks usually after every five weeks.This results in thirty weeks of classes being offered every year To be qualified as full-time, a student must complete at least 24 week-long modular courses per year (audited courses do not count toward this total).


There are no classes on Sundays. Class periods are subdivided into eighteen segments by short breaks.  Each segment is approximately 50-55 minutes.