Master’s was originally known as Dakota Baptist Bible Institute, an educational ministry of Fargo Baptist Church designed to train its own members for service. In 2003 the school was reorganized as Master’s Baptist College, a three-year institution with the goal of reaching out to other like-minded churches to provide training for their members.


By 2009 Pastor Scheving believed the Lord was leading Fargo Baptist to construct a separate Ministry Training Center and dormitory to answer the need for young people from around the country to receive affordable training in a local church college. In September, 2011, the first students from outside our area took up residence in our nearly-completed building.


Also beginning in 2011 Master’s expanded to a four-year curriculum with one-year, two-year and four-year programs. Majors now included Pastoral Studies, Missions, Church Ministries and Church Secretarial.


In 2012 Pastor Scheving sensed the Lord’s leading to construct a second dormitory. Interest in Master’s had grown to the point that within three years we were projected to outgrow the Training Center. The Lord blessed the work and we are currently managing growth to an anticipated capacity of 275 qualifying in-resident students.