Since the expressed purpose of Master’s Baptist College is to equip men and women for Christian service, those who seek admission must consider the need for personal discipline in their Christian walk with the Lord. Following the Master’s plan of education requires dedication of purpose, a willingness to learn, and a desire to know the will of God.  A teachable spirit, humble attitude, and desire to serve are highly esteemed and expected.

 Students must be at least 18 years of age to attend.  Enrollment at Master’s is not limited by gender or national origin.



Tuition: Free! $0


Application Fee: A non-refundable one-time fee of $25 is required with your application for admission.


Facility Maintenance Fee: All students dwelling in the dormitory are required to pay a minimal fee of $115 per month to help defray the cost of operating the facility. This includes the internet fee. Students living off-campus are exempt.


 Dorm Deposit: All students living in the dorms must pay a $100 deposit to cover potential damage. This will be refunded, less any outstanding bills, when the student leaves.


Monthly Activity Fee: All students, including off-campus, will pay a $25 per month Activity Fee to help defray extra-curricular expenses.


Administration Fee: All students, including off-campus, will pay a $5 Administration Fee for office expenses. 


Parking Permit Fee: All dorm students with vehicles will pay a $25 per semester parking permit fee.


Bicycle fee: All dorm students with a bicycle will be charged a $10 a year fee to keep their bike on campus.


Graduation fee: Those students who are graduating will have a one time fee of $45 to defray the cost of graduation.



Internship for four-year students: All Missions and Pastoral Studies majors are required to complete a three-month internship during the summer after their Junior year. Missions majors are required to visit a foreign mission field to complete the internship; Pastoral Studies majors can complete their internship either overseas or in a domestic local church. Church Ministries majors are encouraged, but not required, to complete an internship. All others students are encouraged to visit a mission field during their time at Master’s.


Books and Materials: Students are required to purchase their own books and should also be building a personal library. A student should anticipate spending around $200 per year for books and materials.


Computer: Owning a notebook computer is required for attendance at Master’s, and we will gladly provide guidance in purchasing a notebook.