"Masters Baptist College is solid.  It is solid financially. The church has never been in debt which enables it to offer an unbelievably low tuition for the college.  The music is solid.  Christ honoring, well presented, conservative Christian music is the standard at Masters Baptist College and Fargo Baptist Church.  It is solid in its stand.  Masters takes the right stand on the major issues of the day. Also, it has a great spirit; a spirit of kindness, a spirit of service, the Spirit of Christ.  It is scriptural.  Masters Baptist College takes the right position on the Bible, teaches their students sound doctrine, and has a thoroughly Biblical philosophy of ministry.  The pioneering spirit of Pastor Tony Scheving, who started a church from scratch in North Dakota in the dead of winter, is transferred to the students who learn from him and his able helpers."

-Dr. R.B. Ouellette, Pastor & Speaker  

“Masters is a solid Bible college led by a pastor who is trusted and respected by many preachers around the world. Students who want a good education in a safe environment at an unbelievably low price should definitely consider this college. I have personally recommended it many times”

-Dr. SM Davis, Evangelist


“In over half a century of ministry I’ve watched many young people graduate from Bible college with substantial debt.  We need affordable quality Bible colleges like Masters Baptist that are committed to helping our future preachers and their spouses. Masters is truly a labor of love”

-Dr. Larry Clayton, Evangelist


"As an evangelist traveling across our country I see a great need for good fundamental Bible colleges that stand for the truth of the Word of God! I highly recommend that you prayerfully consider Master's Baptist College."

-Bruce Frye, Evangelist/Musician



“Students at MBC are able to fully participate in every facet of the growing, thriving Fargo Baptist Church ministries, a New Testament church where Scriptural exposition, fervent regional evangelistic outreach and the Great Commission Mandate are uniquely blended in harmonious unity”

-Dr. Don Jasmin, Evangelist


“If you are looking for a college that magnifies the Word of God and teaches it to students with unswerving conviction, then I would highly recommend Master's Baptist College”

-Dr. Tom Williams, Evangelist


“Master's Baptist College offers ministry training that is spiritually excellent, doctrinally pure, ecclesiastically sound, genuinely practical, educationally balanced, and affordably priced”

-Jeff Farnham, Pastor, Author


"I am happy to recommend Master's Baptist College to anyone looking for a Christ centered, Bible based, God glorifying, life equipping, Spirit led, and local church centered training experience. Led by Pastor Tony Scheving, a highly regarded man of God, you will find that God has blessed this college largely due to the godly spiritual leadership of him and his well-qualified staff. For any young person seeking to learn the Christian walk and ministry, sitting at their feet will serve you well."  
-Dr. Jim Binney, Biblical Counselor, Conference Speaker


"I highly recommend Master's Baptist College as an exceptional environment for equipping students to serve the Lord in local church ministry.  The pastor, church and faculty are dedicated to Christ and to mentoring
servant leaders for Him."

- Dr. Paul Kingsbury / Reformers Unanimous Intl.